Signing up to be a Host Parent!

First of all, thank you very much the intention to sign up as host parents. In CISV, hosting children from overseas is a responsibility entrusted to us by their parents. During hosting, I would like to invite the parents to have fun with the children as well. CISV is an international organisation that focuses on peace education through experiential learning for youths and while it might seem like a normal cultural exchange, you can rest assure that your hosting will be remembered as a critically important milestone in the child’s future.

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STEP UP Programme: 15th June 2018 to 7th July 2018

STEP UP Hosting Dates: 15th June 2018 to 17th June 2018

Village Programme: 6th July 2018 – 3rd August 2018

Village Hosting Dates: 6th July 2018 – 8th July 2018 and 20th July – 22nd July 2018