CISV Singapore’s Hakim in CISV QC’s Chapter Mini Camp!


The great Julius Caesar once said “Experience is the teacher of all things”. Experience has the power to expand our knowledge and make us wiser. By the end of the camp, I learnt so much from my time there that I did not want to head back home. I found another home in a strangers’ land. The first day was filled with excitement. I did not know what to expect, only knowing what was expected of me. The kids arrived early, their laughter drowning out the music in the “activity room”. Every single one of them greeted me with a smile. No coffee could give me the same morning kick as their smiles. I fed on it every single morning throughout the camp, their smiles like the sun shining on my face. I would spend every opportunity mingling with the kids, joining in their activities. Every other minute of the day was spent around the kids. By the 4th day, I had gone from being a facilitator to a friend. We stayed up playing games till the break of dawn. My tank was empty but my heart was full. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, I had found things I came to love and care for a few hundred miles away from home. Everything felt like home, from the lovely resort owner to the staff.

The staffers were as wonderful as they come. They always worked long into the night just to ensure the kids would have the best possible experience. Their passion for the kids was admirable. They taught me to be selfless, to prioritize the kids above all. They would go out of their way to put smiles on the faces of the kids. They say action speaks louder than words. This was epitomized in the way they went about their duties without complaints. I had to adapt to the way CISV camps were run. Things were done differently here. I had to learn how things were run quickly. The staffers were always willing to teach, always patient. It helped that they would always ensure I knew was what going to happen next. I learned how having patience with a learner would contribute greatly to the person’s ability in grasping the teachings. More often than not, we would be rushing someone into learning something without allowing the person time to understand the reasoning behind the actions. For this, I am truly grateful to everyone there who helped me in understanding CISV better and allowing me to flourish during the camp. In simpler words, I have gained so much more than I could hope for. I gained valuable experience and knowledge about CISV. It is a wonderful initiative, one that every child should have an opportunity to attend. Global peace starts with an idea. Who better to plant the seeds of peace in if not the children all around the world. These children will be the leaders of tomorrow, bringing the world into the future. They are our biggest hope in bringing about Global peace. CISV tackles many of the ethical problems we face in the world, bringing these issues to the children. These children are allowed to think about these problems and present new solutions. CISV is an excellent platform for these children to understand the importance of Global peace and is a stepping stone for them to stand up and take action. CISV brings the world together, through fun and laughter, through meals, through stories and through children.