CISV Singapore’s first ever VILLAGE (6th July 2018 till 3rd August 2018)

CISV Singapore has just completed our first ever Village!

First of all, we would like to convey a HUGE thank you to our dearest host families, volunteers, staff and participants, for without any of your efforts; our Village wouldn’t have the success it has. The village was from 6th July till 3rd August and we had participants from a total of 12 countries, namely: Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Spain, Vietnam with a total of 47 kids along with 6 Junior Counsellors from 5 countries.

The first Village, our original programme, was held in 1951.

CISV Villages are international camps that bring 11 years olds together  to learn from each other and the world around them. The children come together from many different countries to take part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.

Each Village welcomes delegations from 10-12 countries. Each delegation has two boys and two girls, accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff, supported by Junior Counselors (age 16-17).

A Village creates a safe, fun setting in which your child will learn, with children from around the world, about each others’ lives and cultures and how to communicate, cooperate, and live together. The Village learning experience, and the friendships they make, will last your child a lifetime.

Have a look at some of the photos:

Youth from the Village programme having fun interacting with one another!

Although there isn’t much discussion based activities, when there are discussions, you can see the enthusiasm and engagement displayed!

Junior Counselors are integral to Village as they play the roles of big brother and big sisters to our 11 year old youths in the programme.

We have National nights where the youths perform and showcase their national heritage.

And what cultural exchange would be complete without a visit to our local tourist attractions~

The youths work in teams for various activities to increase interaction among the different Nationalities~

More performances and fun times!

And of course, another key event is the water day during CISV Village! What is summer without jumping into the pool?

Gala Dinner!

Where everyone dresses up for the occasion!

And of course the final night where the youths and the leaders would end off the 28 day programme with hugs of goodbyes~