CISV Programmes

CISV educational programmes are for children and youths of all ages. We also have opportunities for people for all ages to participate and volunteer!

National Programmes

CAMP Singapura is a 5D4N programme designed to promote social cohesion and harmony. Based on the collective knowledge and practices of CISV chapters globally, this programme seeks to engage students in various types of diversity themed activities. Students will be engaged in post activity reflection to internalise the learning points. 

The learning objectives of Camp SINGAPURA:

  • Gain deeper understanding of the ethnic groups.
  • Strengthen intercultural understanding, tolerance and friendship
  • Value and appreciate Singapore’s social-cultural diversity.
  • Develop sense of belonging to Singapore and be proud to be a Singaporean.

Programme Duration: 5 days 4 nights residential

Age: Primary 5 and above.

This programme is customizable.

Mosaic is an innovative framework for developing community projects. Based on tools created by UNESCO, Mosaic provides a framework with which a group can effectively plan, execute and evaluate a community project that is specifically designed to local needs and interests.

Duration: varies  Age Range:
all ages

National Camps
These are programmes designed and facilitated by CISV Singapore, based on the same educational principles as CISV’s camp-based programmes. These programmes allow more people to experience CISV without the need to travel overseas.

Duration: varies  Age Range: 12-14, 15 to 17 and 18 to 21

Mini Camps
These programmes are designed for children of young ages to experience CISV.
Duration: varies  Age Range: 9 to 10

Monthly events organized by Junior Branch
Activities, programmes and workshops organized by Junior Branch members. Completely youth-led, Junior Branch applies the CISV goals to the local community while participants learn, play and develop leadership.
Duration: varies  Age Range: all ages

Regional Programme

A unique programme arrangement between CISV Chapters in the ASEAN region and neighbouring countries. The goal here is to foster friendship in the ASEAN region through cultural exchange and other form of educational programmes. Chapters in the ASEAN region will each take turn to host this programme.
Duration: 5 days  Age Range: 13 to 15+ Dates: 14 to 18 Dec 2017

International Programmes

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CISV unique flagship international camp. Delegates to this multi-language and multicultural experience, participate in a mix of educational, cultural and sporting activities, which emphasize cooperative global and intercultural living.
Duration: 28 days  Age Range: 11

Interchange encourages a deep encounter between two cultures, by placing young people within families.
Duration: 2 to 4 weeks for each of the 2 phases of the Interchange  Age Range: 12-15 and family

Step Up
Aimed at young teens, this camp encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and programme planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme.
Duration: 3 weeks  Age Range: 14 to 15

Seminar Camp
Facilitated by the participants themselves, where they develop their own themes to explore issues and form opinions about individual, international and multicultural matters, within a framework which stresses positive conflict resolution.
Duration: 3 weeks  Age Range: 17-18

Youth Meeting 
Youth Meetings bring small groups of young people, of similar ages together from different countries within a region, to explore aspects of a theme that affects us all, such as democracy, and share your perspectives and learn from each other.
Duration: 8 to 15 days  Age Range: 12-19+

International People’s Project
Learn while actively contributing to the community. In partnership with local organizations, delegates participate in hands-on work involving a specific theme, such as nature conservation. They also research the issue in their own countries and lead educational activities on the subject. Additional training may be provided by the partner or other experts in the field.
Duration: 3 weeks  Age Range: 19+


Email to register your interest in any of the programmes.