Camp ROJAK (Asia Pacific) – 14th to 18th Dec 2017

CAMP ROJAK (ASIA PACIFIC) – 14thto 18th Dec 2017

CISV Singapore hosted its first Camp ROJAK, where participants from the Asia Pacific region came together to build friendship and learn about each other’s’ culture through food, social practices and festivals, folktales and songs, and traditional games.

Why “ROJAK”?
Rojakis a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Other than referring to this fruit salad dish, the term rojak also means “mixture” or “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay, describing the multi-ethnic character of Singaporean society.This makes sharing rojak with family and friends even more apt.
A National Heritage Board poll conducted early this year showed that food (which includes rojak) resonated with majority of the respondents as the most significant Intangible Cultural Heritage amongst Singaporeans.

With guidance and mentorship, theuniquely designed 5-day long programme for youths aged 16 – 18, helped them build lasting regional friendships through an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the various cultures in the Asia Pacific region. Participants also developed social and communication skills and become equipped with the know-how to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.
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