APRW (Asia Pacific Regional Workshop) & JASPARC (Juniors Asia Pacific Regional Conference) 2019

On 22nd – 26th March 2019, CISV Singapore sent 4 representatives to attend CISV APRW in Korea. APRW is a regional meeting, workshop and conference held and attended annually by volunteers. The regional workshops are carried out by the experienced volunteers for other volunteers to value add their volunteering experience with CISV.

APRW also broaden our views on the different ways and strategies each country has to develop their chapter. We managed to learn from one another through the various sessions and interactions. We managed to make a lot of friends and get to find out about the different cultures too!

CISV is a global movement that educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. We educate and inspire young people to become active global citizens so they can contribute to a world of peace, justice and equality, where human rights and the environment are respected. We have many programmes targeted at youths & adults. If you are interested to find out more, please head over to our CISV Singapore website: http://cisv-sg.org/